Afghans suffered three decades of devastating war, resulting in large-scale destruction of the economy. The collapse of central government and the erosion of civil society left many Afghans bereft of education and without meaningful employment opportunities. MEHR believes communities need the chance to relearn skills and structures lost during the war, to provide households, villages and towns with a higher threshold of income security and social stability. The conflicts became more complicated during the 1980s and early 1990s. Millions of Afghans were uprooted from their homes, many of them forced to flee to neighboring countries. Tightly knit, mutually supportive communities were destroyed or fatally weakened by exile and death. Roads, which link communities and facilitate trade, were made impassable. A class of well-trained professionals and technocrats that had begun to develop prior to the war was dispersed or killed. Afghan society became armed and militarized as never before, without stable governance mechanisms to effectively address the interests of local populations. The result was a country not only physically devastated but socially as well. It was in this context that aid organizations, including the United Nations, government development agencies and local and international NGOs, have attempted to set up and implement an array of relief and development programs. As a leading apolitical secular NGO, MEHR is dedicated to helping communities prosper, in most economically deprived parts of the country, by facilitating humanitarian efforts, training and assistance that is specifically tailored to their needs.

Mehr Activities


Mehr Education & Human Rights Organization a range of support for a better quality of learning environment for children and women through Community Based Education (CBE), Accelerated Learning Center (ALC), Adult



Health Education & Services Organization for Afghanistan Woman tries to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise to other institutions, organizations and general public through professional and experienced


Peace Building

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution: Our organization is working for peace building and conflict resolution. We have a separate department for the peace building and conflict resolution, which is led

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Democracy, Good Governance and Research Advancing sustainable human development requires strong democratic government. It is only in a democracy that people can be empowered to demand and shape

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Afghan German foundation from 1985-1995 has done the following activities. According to Union Aid Aim; this foundation could work efficiently inside migrant’ camp; therefore this camp came to existence in Afghanistan which has done these following activities:At the beginning we witnessed the increasing number of Afghan migrants in Pakistan; after the assessment and investigation we found out that majority of the migrant left the country due to lack of health clinics for animals and pasture, thus the Afghan German foundation cooperated with UNDP-UNICEF in these following activities.